Say Helo to My Little Friend…

dunno how to express how much i love the new york subway system. i do hate rats though, so im rooting for the train on this one.

voted, as usual, except

i have never had to wait in line before.

i havent missed an election, national, state, or local, since i was 18.

in l.a., santa cruz, new york, oakland, where ever i have voted, i have never had to wait in line. heck, sometimes i am the only person in my polling place. i am downright moved to have had to wait for an hour to vote. early. on sunday. at the courthouse. the line went was out the door. inside it snaked down the stairs, around the hallway, back into another hallway, and doubled back to get to the voting station.

it was awesome. i hate waiting in line, especially for something that should be quick and effortless, but it was fantastic.

as nice as it was to participate in this groundbreaking election, i suspect my electoral college votes are counted already, which is fine. im a blue guy in a blue state.

more importantly was the chance to vote for a smackdown on a couple of repressive propositions from out of state “religious” institutions that i hope will fail and break the bank of the folks who sponsored them.

interesting weekend..

went to the stork club, saw a few bands, in particular the hormones an all ladies ramones tribute band. ok, actually, we missed their set, but we collided with their car while trying to park and they read us the riot act… did enjoy the Die Darlings a set though! rock on with that bad mirrored sg!

ended up at a small birthday rave in fruitvale. epic low-key houseparty with good music, new people to meet and a level of genuine good that is enviable.

as a harsh counterpoint, i spent sunday afternoon at a very drab toddler party meeting some very nice, refined, polite, quiet, professional, gentle, responsible, educated people that are really just like me, except they bored the shite out of me.

i am now just not sure if im young or old. i really feel like i am at an interesting crossroads.

LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations

dunno, just like this one.

FUTON – I Wanna Be Your Dog

yeah, its a cover of an all time popular song… which would make it supremely boring, except that its brilliantly done, is mostly not in english, and i have some pleasantly bleary memories of the place they filmed it…

MIA: Tanz der Moleküle

My German is pretty rusty, but I’m pretty sure the singer has a wikked lisp.

i cant embed the clip, so thats why there is just a link, but its worth it.

French Affair – Sexy

ridiculous. awesome.

jel anticon sweetcreaminit live bedroom mix

say what you will about sampling, this is pretty cool.

omfg. mccain air quoted “health of the mother” when discussing abortion. i mean _really_.

wow, really. its like something some drunk a-hole would do at a party *as as a joke* but he was actually serious. he is a bigger fratboy ‘ouchebag than i could have ever imagined.

Leslie and the Lys: Gem Sweater

i believe.