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FUTON – I Wanna Be Your Dog

yeah, its a cover of an all time popular song… which would make it supremely boring, except that its brilliantly done, is mostly not in english, and i have some pleasantly bleary memories of the place they filmed it…

MIA: Tanz der Moleküle

My German is pretty rusty, but I’m pretty sure the singer has a wikked lisp.

i cant embed the clip, so thats why there is just a link, but its worth it.

French Affair – Sexy

ridiculous. awesome.

jel anticon sweetcreaminit live bedroom mix

say what you will about sampling, this is pretty cool.

omfg. mccain air quoted “health of the mother” when discussing abortion. i mean _really_.

wow, really. its like something some drunk a-hole would do at a party *as as a joke* but he was actually serious. he is a bigger fratboy ‘ouchebag than i could have ever imagined.

Leslie and the Lys: Gem Sweater

i believe.


the words kill me. “my dog needs new ears” wtf?

Soho Dolls…

yknow, i realize that this is almost classically generic euro-pop, and yet, it amuses the heck out of me. i dont even car about price harry, and probably couldnt identify him in a one person lineup. the gigantic fake eyelashes are fun though.

Günther – Tutti Frutti Summer Love

If Günther didnt exist we would have had to invent him.