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Interview of Mistltoe Beltbuckle on Mutiny Radio at the Oakland Art Murmur Dec 2011

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tsunami benefit gig fail

ups and downs are unavoidable, but this was a bummer. i cant imagine anything was raised for the benefit, and there was almost no audience despite some incredible bands, especially “le vice” a great funk band. we never even played as the lineup was delayed by lack of audience and then closed at 10. its a good reminder that we are a bar band.

adding to the feeling of pointlessness of it all was a fully packed bar downstairs (the bears lair) and a well attended dance party of some sort upstairs from us, essentially bookending this non-event.

apparently while this was (non)happening, darkly interesting things were happening with our label and management that evening…

a cryptic reminder that sometimes it’s just not about you.

too many gigs

i love playing shows. i have a very bad memory though. this is mostly a documentation of things i am sure to forget.

my band played “indyfest” which is mostly an independent movie festival, but like sxsw has grown to include other genres and forms, in this case music. we played at Cell Space in SF, which i have been a fan of for years, and even had some artististically interactive breakup talks in years ago. awesome. that was feb 10, 2011, the show that is…

we were also interviewed on pirate cat radio (thurs jan 30) and it went so well we were invited back on march 23. very very cool, and aisha spearman is le bombe.

the last show we had was at the Blue Macaw, formerly known as 12 galaxies on march 30th. it was a benefit for the height festival, and also a battle of the bands which i hate. it went as expected. blech. great venue though.

next is the ucb benefit for japan. looking forward to that on april 1!


my favorite building: a gateway to the world

twa intl at jfk

tis the season

to get crunky.

Hungover Coffee at the boat pond in New York

there are fewer things greater than walking through Central Park. any season.

Say Helo to My Little Friend…

dunno how to express how much i love the new york subway system. i do hate rats though, so im rooting for the train on this one.

interesting weekend..

went to the stork club, saw a few bands, in particular the hormones an all ladies ramones tribute band. ok, actually, we missed their set, but we collided with their car while trying to park and they read us the riot act… did enjoy the Die Darlings a set though! rock on with that bad mirrored sg!

ended up at a small birthday rave in fruitvale. epic low-key houseparty with good music, new people to meet and a level of genuine good that is enviable.

as a harsh counterpoint, i spent sunday afternoon at a very drab toddler party meeting some very nice, refined, polite, quiet, professional, gentle, responsible, educated people that are really just like me, except they bored the shite out of me.

i am now just not sure if im young or old. i really feel like i am at an interesting crossroads.

LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations

dunno, just like this one.